Bane Escape in Virtual Reality

Bane Escape is proud to announce our newest escape room experience, The Offering.  A multiplayer, Untethered, fully immersive, virtual reality escape room that promotes teamwork and communication.   As pioneers in this new form of entertainment, The Offering combines a live action escape room game with an interactive virtual reality gaming experience.

How does it work?

Using the HTC Vive headset, each player can see, interact and communicate with their team members both in real time and in a virtual reality dimension.  Strapped with backpacks, each player is free to walk around in the gaming space as the experience is completely wireless foregoing cumbersome wires that limits gameplay and player mobility.

Your VR escape room experience will take about 50 minutes, with 35 minutes of gameplay and 10-15 minutes of intro to gameplay and player setup.  The game can accomodate 4 players with the option to expand.

Our recommended age is 10 and up.

HTC Vive VR Headset


Hi-Res certificate headset & headphone (removable)
High impedance headphone support


Eye relief with lens distance adjustment
Adjustable IPD, headphone & headstrap

The Game - The Offering

Compelled to complete a séance ritual, you and your friends unleash an otherworldly entity and find yourself in a strange world. Feeling secure in its domination over your group, but masked as pity, the demon gives you one chance to escape. Find your way out of the various rooms and make your way back to your dimension before thirty minutes have passed.

The Mission

Each player uses a HTC Vive VR Headset and VR backpack to move around un-tethered in a shared virtual environment. Using the HTC Vive controllers, you can interact with your surrounds by grabbing and moving objects to solve puzzles. All the backpacks are networked together so that everyone has a shared virtual experience.

A team of players start in a room setup to perform a séance. Beckoned by an unknown voice, they must find four candles and the spell book to begin the ritual. Once started, they are confronted with an otherworld entity. The demon gives the team 30 minutes to get through 3 different rooms, each with various challenges meant to slow the team’s progress.


While playing any type of computer game, although rare, some confusion may occur.  For most VR experiences, the streaming of any game can and will induce motion sickness due to lag time.  Our in house programmers have gone to great lengths to minimize and even eliminate all feelings of confusion and motion sickness by eliminating all lag time during gameplay.  

We like all of our escape games to be challenging while still being fun and immersive. The minimum age needed to play our VR game is 10 years old.

Our game masters are fully knowledgeable on all aspects of your game and are there to assist you at anytime should a puzzle be too challenging to solve.

If you are wearing glasses, we recommend keeping them on as most frames should easily fit under the headset.  If you have light visual impairment, you do not need to wear your glasses during gameplay.

Strapped with backpacks, each player is free to walk around in the gaming space as the experience is completely wireless foregoing cumbersome wires that limits gameplay and player mobility.   Your real time movements will be replicated in the game.  So if you want to give your teammate a high five during the game, all you have to do is walk over to your friend and raise your hand!  Your teammate will be able to see everything you do and say in real time!  Pretty cool, huh?

The weight of the backpack is around 7 lbs and because of the cushioned straps it is very comfortable to wear.

Yes, all reservations must be booked via our ticketing site prior to gameplay.  We will not allow walkins.  We recommend at least 2 players with a max of 4 players per game however the game can be completed with just one player.